Integrated Social Sciences

Integrated Social Sciences Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences is an online undergraduate degree completion program offered by the University of Washington. Presented by the UW College of Arts & Sciences, this program combines outstanding teaching and a challenging interdisciplinary curriculum with cutting-edge online learning technology to deliver an innovative educational experience.

This new online program has been custom built from the ground up by leading UW faculty and instructional designers. Courses are designed to complement and integrate with each other across subjects and disciplines, and a robust support structure helps reinforce the learning objectives.

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Gain Skills Integral to Today's World

In a 21st-century world that is increasingly globalized and interconnected, you must be able to synthesize and apply what you learn across different areas of your education, your career and your life. The ISS degree is designed with this in mind, weaving interdisciplinary concepts throughout the curriculum and assignments.

The study of social sciences is interdisciplinary by its very nature, incorporating the fields of American ethnic studies, anthropology, communication, economics, geography, history, international studies, philosophy, political science, sociology, women's studies and more. Students in the ISS program will learn about the complexity of social relations, social research and social justice, and courses will emphasize inter-cultural communication skills and other forms of social media competency.

Use Technology to Learn and Demonstrate Knowledge

The spread of online technology has changed the world, including the world of higher education. Today's college graduates should not only possess traditional types of knowledge and abilities, they also need to be able to use the power of technology to express their ideas and show what they've learned.

The ISS degree program employs state-of-the-art educational technology to deliver course materials entirely online and engage students in all parts of the learning process. ISS also requires that all students participate in an ongoing e-portfolio project that is at the heart of the reflective, integrative and collaborative methodology of the program.

To learn more about e-portfolios, visit the IAS Degree Portfolio page, which is part of a similar program offered at UW Bothell.

Earn a Valuable Degree

A four-year college degree is increasingly necessary for success in today's job market, and studying the social sciences is great preparation for a wide variety of careers. The powerful research and critical-thinking skills that graduates develop are highly valued in today's workplace and can be applied to any profession.

Recent employment data from the U.S. Census shows that workers with a bachelor's degree in social sciences ranked in the top five in terms of median earnings (organized by major field).

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences online degree program requires students to enter with at least 75 transferable quarter credits. (For more details on minimum admission requirements, see the Admissions page.) Students are then required to complete 60 credits within the program, broken down as follows:

  • 20 credits of ISS core courses
  • 40 credits of courses from social science departments and disciplines, including courses from five of the following seven thematic areas of inquiry: Information and Technological Society, Population Dynamics and Movements, Conflict and Cooperation, Diversity and Global Justice, Societal Inequalities and Power Relations, Social Contexts of Health and Risk, and Societies and Environments

Full-time students can generally complete the program in about two years; part-time students may need up to twice as long. Students must have a cumulative total of at least 180 credits to earn their bachelor's degree.

See the Courses & Curriculum page for more details about the thematic areas of inquiry and individual courses.

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January 12, 2015
Applications Open

May 1, 2015
Applications Due

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Applications are now open for this program. See the Admissions page for more information on how to apply.