Early Childhood & Family Studies

Early Childhood & Family Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Family Studies degree completion program prepares you to make a positive and lasting impact on the education of young children. Presented by the UW College of Education, the program is geared toward students who are interested in analyzing and applying the latest evidence-based research in early learning.

A High-Demand Field

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for preschool teachers is expected to grow by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020. The UW's early childhood and family studies program equips you to meet this increasing demand, giving you the skills and knowledge needed to enter or advance in a variety of careers in education, social and mental health services, child care, and parent support and education.

Balancing Theory With Practice

The early childhood and family studies curriculum combines the study of academic theory with practical training in the field. Core and elective courses are enhanced with the latest research from the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning and the Haring Center, which are Head Start–funded efforts directed by the UW College of Education.

The curriculum also includes service-learning courses, where you can apply what you've learned while working alongside teachers in preschool classrooms or child care centers. Those already working in the field can do service learning at their current jobs, while others can connect with program partners to find suitable placements.

Degree Requirements

The early childhood and family studies online degree program requires that students enter with at least 70 transferable quarter credits. (For more details on minimum admission requirements, see the Admissions section.) Students are then required to complete a minimum of 84 course credits, divided among four categories:

  • General development courses
  • Core courses
  • Service learning and research experience courses
  • Electives

The program course load represents two years of full-time study. It is expected that most students will finish their degree requirements in two to three years. Students must have a cumulative total of at least 180 credits to earn their bachelor's degree.

See the Courses & Curriculum page for more details about individual courses.

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February 2, 2015
Applications Open

May 1, 2015
Applications Due

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