Community College Partnerships

The UW Online Bachelor's Degree Completion program is pleased to announce that we have forged innovative partnerships with a number of community colleges. These relationships can help prospective students get the credits they need to qualify for admission to our program and even to earn their associate's degree while they study at the UW.

If you are short of the 70 transferable credits needed to qualify for the Online Bachelor's Degree Completion program, the colleges listed below offer affordable options for earning those credits, including convenient online classes. The UW has also reached agreements with these schools to allow for reverse transfer credit, a policy that allows students to apply credit earned at a four-year institution toward an associate's degree at a partnering community college.

With reverse (or dual) transfer credit programs, you can finish your associate's degree while you take classes toward your bachelor's degree at the UW, adding a credential to your resume. Specific degree requirements and transfer credit policies can vary by college; check with the registrar or admissions office at your particular institution for more details.

The UW has thus far established reverse transfer credit agreements with the following schools:

We expect to add partnerships with more schools in the future. Check back on this site for further details.


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